Friday, 15 April 2016

Less Web Development Cookbook

This cookbook has the collection of recipes that can really quench your taste buds of the Web solution Architects.

As the reforms in the CSS that are threaded in CSS3 have turned the web designs interactive and the responsive this is really drastic change for the Web masters. Yet they encounter some problems for the maintenance of the CSS3 specifically for the larger web sites due to the simple style sheet languages.

Therefore Less CSS has taken the step into modern programming language with the rectification of the infirmities of earlier style sheet languages. This language has been introduced including the variable definition, operator, functions and reusability of the codes for the ease of maintenance.

This cookbook includes more than 100 recipes into it about the more efficient CSS codes. That makes you learn that how the Dynamic Style sheet language Less can turn your CSS code more readable, maintainable and reusable.

I must say that this book not only make you learn about the “what” concept but also about “how” concept. You can learn One by one about the Less version2 and how to make it applicable. The sequential learning about this language really solves the zig -zag curve of your learning.

I found that this book make you learn about avoiding duplication, debugging in lesser time and even designing the projects in lesser time with more efficiency. The book starts with the simple introduction of the language and then installation then take further step to the ladder about the learning of use of debugging techniques and tools , use of mix-in and how to use the built in functions to move quickly.

This book has been framed to sharpen your skills for the web development. After coming up with the issues of CSS you may find Less up to the extent of CSS3 and can brush up your skills for the development.

Even advantage has been added with the explanation of the layouts, use of less with the Bootstrap, Worldpress that can add to your treasure however there is only handful information about these but really worth for the programmers.

All in all I must mention that this is really a good book that can quench your thirst. Author has poured efficiently sea of web development with less into the bottle. It contains the stuff up to the level of Web masters and let them to dive into the field.

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