Friday, 23 December 2016

5 Best Business Books To Be Read In Holidays

Books are considered are best companion for holidays. To kill the time and broaden our mind books are the best option. In these Christmas holidays here are some books that can be perfect way for entrainment and knowledge.

It is the interesting book written by Tim Ferris. It contains the straight forward tips, distilled tools, tactics that you can start utilizing. It shows the deep eye on habit forming and habits of most of titan’s have. It is good read to get the insights of the habit formation. Even it contains the tips from the past guests and the lessons of life from the new guests.

This book has an clear eye on the business that successes and failed and even the reasons behind their success and failure. This book contains the history of ten restaurants which is the history of America itself. Even author has hammered the nail on the importance of capitalizing on the changing trends to survive in the market.

This book is written by Randal Jones who is the founder of worth magazine. It contains the detail about the 12 commandments of wealth and even reflect about the straight forward talks and habits that author has and how these habits become helpful for him to create great deal of success.  It is the story of a man that become richest so it is good book to know how he got his wealth.

This book highlights the success story of Intel company means insights of its success and how it got market share. It puts light on the potential of the company. It is great read for those who want to learn from the failures and successes.


This book is based on the management techniques. It puts light on the hard, dirty and non glamorous face of crawling business. Ben Horowitz has piled up the great knowledge about the running, selling and managing a company in this book.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Best Site to Download Night by Elie Wiesel Book

Night by Elie Wiesel that is published in 1956 one of the best book if you love to read biographies. This book is the true story of the author Elie Wiesel life that’s about his experience with his father during the Second World War. If you want to read this book then you can easily surf our website. We are the best destination on the internet from where you can easily buy this book at very low costs in various formats like PDF and much more. You can also say that we are one stop portal for those people who love to read e-books. If you love to download night by Elie Wiesel e-book and visit our website and book your order with us.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Now Available Aazae: A Library of Opportunity

 Aazae is available to the millions of readers offering the unprecedented access to thousands of digital books.

With the major outpouring support from the various resources now Aazae is available with the latest and interesting electronic books that have been arranged in more than 40 categories. This eBook portal has made it easy for the readers to access any book irrespective of the fact where they live or what is the size of their pocket.

With the single click they can access not only a single book but can make the library for the thousands of the titles which they could access anywhere in their favorite format. This portal is like the passport to the world of knowledge, learning and opportunities.

It provides the better opportunity to readers to quench their thirst for reading with the several famous and award winning books. School going kids, college students can also grab the opportunity be having access to their course material and the entertaining material according tio need and choice.

For have an access to ocean of knowledge get more information about the sign up and to get the key for accessing the world of knowledge available on

Friday, 3 June 2016

Books That Can Make You Better Person

One good book is better than hundred friends as the books are containing plethora of knowledge which illuminate our life and way. There are many kinds of books which give us knowledge, motivation and Entertainment. But here are few books that can help us to mend our ways and to become better person
  1. Lord Jim is book written by Joseph Conrad which is true story of the SS Jeddah that was abandoned by its crew. It is based on the struggle and failure of the chief mate Jim.
  2. Memoirs of Anti –Semite by Gregor von Rezzori is novel of five non overlapping stories that turn the memoirs self implication into subtle and ferocious ethic and reveals that we all are bounded by casual and dangerous moral lapses.
  3. Distant Star is written by Roberto Bolano as detective story about experimental poet’s rise to prominence and inhuman art that he develops in dictatorship.
  4. Collected stories by the Deborah Eisenberg really awake the readers about the arrangements of people that make their lives possible.
  5. The Boat by Nam le is entertaining book that reveal about hunting for love and self-loathing that reflect the ethos of literary endeavour at its best.
  6. Essays by Wallace Shawn are about the performance and roles that we believe we play in daily life.
  7. Season of migration to north written by Tayeb Salih is fascinating novel embedded with charms of Weston thoughts in poetry and liberal ideals.

Friday, 20 May 2016

“Talk To Me “ Might Mend the Conversations into Good Ones

Qasim Rashid actually put effort to explore the power of dialogue that might have ability to change the world. He actually revealed about that fact and perceptions of people while conversing with others. Retaining our comfort zone we converse with others sometime for understanding each other and sometime for giving and taking credit but we actually avoid conversations on race, religion and education why so?

Author has highlighted that there is great need to step out from the comfortable zones and to converse on these uncomfortable topics to make the conversations healthy and informative enough. This book actually provides the gospel of humanity and to talk a lot beyond the racial, religion and educational confinements. 

To get free from the clutches of discriminations on the basis of race or region and religions this book is excellent it narrate about the real stories of the struggles which they done in their lives. These stories are not discussed in negative way but simply in the motivational way that can mend the conversations and their prospective. 

We divide the homo-sapiens in many categories and make them heterogenic on the basis of their county, color, and creed and cast so author has added non fictional stuff to spell the power of dialogue that can actually change the perception of world.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Be Rational While Buying E- Reader

With the advancement of technology there are many electronic readers available for the eBook lovers that enable them to read many books while sitting anywhere but there is great need to be act wisely while purchasing E reader.

What is E-reader?
It is electronic device used for browsing the electronic files and it is low resolution bur low glare white screen as compared to computer or smart phones which are often backlit E-reader is thin, light weight and having long battery life. These electronic readers generally support all the formats like Pdf, ePub and so on.

There are few points to be taken care while purchasing this device

What is your need?

Before purchasing you must be aware about your needs means what kind of screen do you want and what kind of E-ink do you want ? there is great need to decide about the version and modal which is suitable to fulfill your requirements so that you can have access for EBooks without any kind of hindrance.

What is your pocket size?

Budget is important thing to be consider while deciding for the purchase of E reader as in market there are various models which are ranging from $50 to $250 according to their features and companies so think about your pocket size and purchase rationally perfect fit to your pocket.


Portability is the prime reason to buy eBook reader as these readers allow you carry library with you even while travelling. So while purchasing think for the importance of portability so that you can choose the best suitable device for you as in the market there are various models that are light weight and easy to pack in bag so if you like to carry your library while travelling then you must go for easy to carry devices.

Battery backup

While purchasing this electronic device you must ask for the battery life of the device so that you may read your electroni9c books for long time without any hindrance.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Great serious of fantasy novels

Aazae is offering the great beyond the one’s expectation series of fantasy novels.
From very early age fantasy becomes indispensible part of life from the kindergartens to the higher schools and then from adult age to the mature we believe in it we live in it. People just become lunatic for reading and knowing the fantasy.
Aazae has provided to the book lovers great series for it to add spice in their monotonous life as people can not only read but can imagine the level of fantasy on their minds. It contains more than 100 novels that are really worth and page turner to read. It becomes really hard to choose the best.
It has introduced the great pearls to embellish this category of fantasy novels including masterpieces of the authors such as Kerstin Gier, elley Armstrong, E L James and many more which are difficult to count on fingers. These novels can crave anyone to read them as the stories are really ground breaking like Ruby red, fifty Shades of Grey, matched trilogy and broken homes.
Aazae  is free portal that is making available the world of love and intimation without taking penny for it with a single click you may read your favorite out of the best.
Novels like Fifty shades are quite popular which includes the series that make you realize about the three shades of love and amazing story of love and fantasy between Billionaire and a college girl who fall in love in the very first meeting in the office and then get knotted for the lifetime with each other and how they make their love life more enjoying and how they get through the tough times this all can be explored in this novel.
Even how their possession for each other put them into sup and their acts which take them out from the cocoon make the readers engaging and insist them to fall in love with this.
Even the fantasy is not all about the love between two souls it can be for anything so you may find the level of fantasy in the novel Ruby Red which is fabulous read and take you to the time changing world and make your imagination wider to the sky, 
In this series of Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green readers may find the stuff beyond their walls of imaginations as 17 years old girl explore the secret of her birth with the help of gene from the peculiar history of her ancestors.
It is great book to read as teenage girl get back to the history with the help of time changing machine and find her way by own after death of her mother.
It is really fabulous series that has top of novels in the pipe line that take you to believe and imagine world of possessions, love and emotions that are far above than the materialistic things

Friday, 15 April 2016

Less Web Development Cookbook

This cookbook has the collection of recipes that can really quench your taste buds of the Web solution Architects.

As the reforms in the CSS that are threaded in CSS3 have turned the web designs interactive and the responsive this is really drastic change for the Web masters. Yet they encounter some problems for the maintenance of the CSS3 specifically for the larger web sites due to the simple style sheet languages.

Therefore Less CSS has taken the step into modern programming language with the rectification of the infirmities of earlier style sheet languages. This language has been introduced including the variable definition, operator, functions and reusability of the codes for the ease of maintenance.

This cookbook includes more than 100 recipes into it about the more efficient CSS codes. That makes you learn that how the Dynamic Style sheet language Less can turn your CSS code more readable, maintainable and reusable.

I must say that this book not only make you learn about the “what” concept but also about “how” concept. You can learn One by one about the Less version2 and how to make it applicable. The sequential learning about this language really solves the zig -zag curve of your learning.

I found that this book make you learn about avoiding duplication, debugging in lesser time and even designing the projects in lesser time with more efficiency. The book starts with the simple introduction of the language and then installation then take further step to the ladder about the learning of use of debugging techniques and tools , use of mix-in and how to use the built in functions to move quickly.

This book has been framed to sharpen your skills for the web development. After coming up with the issues of CSS you may find Less up to the extent of CSS3 and can brush up your skills for the development.

Even advantage has been added with the explanation of the layouts, use of less with the Bootstrap, Worldpress that can add to your treasure however there is only handful information about these but really worth for the programmers.

All in all I must mention that this is really a good book that can quench your thirst. Author has poured efficiently sea of web development with less into the bottle. It contains the stuff up to the level of Web masters and let them to dive into the field.